Gynoid Doll Li Hui 172cm Platinum Silicone Sex Doll Luxury Humanoid Robot

Gynoid Doll Li Hui 172cm Platinum Silicone Sex Doll Luxury Humanoid Robot

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Features of Gynoid Dolls - Ultra Realistic Sex Dolls

  • Material: medical high quality RZR silicone love doll, high quality materials, safe, soft and durable
  • Eyeball: movable, finger joints can move, body bones move at height
  • Shape: World's top realism (factory craftsmen have world-class, surrealist Hollywood film models)
  • Standable: Gynoid doll is self-supporting (and metal cannot be seen on the foot)
  • The head and torso can be separated, and the hands and torso can be separated for convenient storage
  • Gynoid Silicone Dolls have more perfect body figure and even better real face features
  • In the expression of skin, Gynoid is the world's No. 1 silicone dolls factory who can make lifelike skin texture, blood vessels and spots, without affecting the overall appearance, at the same time,maximizing all joints mobility, most importantly, all finger joints of our silicone dolls can move to a large extent
  • The touch response is more closer to a real person’s


Brand : Gynoid

Integrity Arms | Integrity Legs

ABS Finger Joints

Articulated Finger and Toe Joints

Material :  Food-Grade Platinum Silicone, Food-Grade Foam Silicone Filler

Height : 172 cm

Weight :  36 kg

Shoulder : 36 cm 

Bust :  86 cm

Waist : 60 cm

Hip : 88 cm

Feet : 20 cm

Depth of Vagina : 18 cm

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