AsDoll Ginevra Sex Doll 170cm With Artificial Intelligence Life Size Robot Lovedoll

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Our Sex Robot is an upgraded version of the sex doll

  • Talking system - Language: English & Chinese. The more you talk to her, the smarter she will be. Bing with her for a little while, she will  know you better, listen to you and feel your feelings. She’s like the best girlfriend you’d ever have.
  • Mimic Facial Expressions : Smiling & Winking & Make faces
  • Moaning system : Multiple touch sensor – Hot, intense, exciting moaning. Response to every touch at the private parts.
  • Heating system : Heated up with human body temperature. Warm hugs & Warm touch
  • Robot Eyes : The Eyes can look around and blink for a lifelike presence. Flirted with you by eyes.
  • Robot Mouth : Her Gorgeous looking mouth has mechanisms installed to assure her lips move according to the corresponding phonemes when she speaks. And allows for multiple expressions.
  • Robot Neck : Utilizing a mechanical articulated neck, doll's head can turn left and right. The neck comes with a modular adaptor enabling it to be attached to many different bodies.
  • Robot Mimic facial expression : The robot can smile to you like a real girl. More facial expressions are in development



Material : M-TPE ( which has 5 to 10 times longer lifetime compare to standard TPE)

Height : 170 cm

Neck : 28 cm

Weight : 34 kg

Waist : 50 cm

Hip : 92 cm

Bust : 92 cm

Under Bust : 63 cm

Shoulder Width: 32 cm

Leg Length: 90 cm

Arm Length: 66 cm

Neck circumference : 29 cm

Foot : 23 cm

Palm: 17 cm

Oral Depth: 12 cm | Oral sex is available for AsDoll Sex Robot |

Vagina Depth: 20 cm

Anus Depth: 20 cm

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