DollHouse168 EVO Nadene Sex Doll 128cm Flat Breasts

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Product Description

Material :  TPE

Body: EVO 

Neck: 26cm

Height : 128 cm

Weight : 16.5 kg

Shoulder : 27 cm

Bust : 54 cm 

Waist : 52 cm

Hip : 57 cm

Feet: 16 cm

Thing Lenght: 24 cm

Lower Leg Length: 34 cm

Arm Length: 37 cm

Depth of Oral : 11 cm

Depth of Anal : 14 cm

Depth of Vagina : 16 cm


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    best dolls store

    Posted by H. on 5th Feb 2021

    Fully satisfied with this DH168 doll and 10+ for Dollomi staff <3

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    Posted by ROBERT H. on 12th Dec 2020

    It is a beautiful doll, very good for everything. Fast shipping to the USA, 6 days only by fedex. Alex was very kind and helped me a lot with my choice. 10+

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    Dollhouse168 Molly/Sei/Nadene

    Posted by A. Issendorf on 22nd Jul 2020

    A child doll is so much easier than a doll of adult size. Easier to carry, easier to store, easier to buy clothes for. If a man buys women's underwear to dress a doll of adult size, he's gazed at by people who think of sex. But if I buy children's underwear, people don't care. There must be something that keeps them from thinking of sex if it concerns children. You think of it since you are reading this. Do you think that a child sexdoll makes me want sex with real children? Well, the dolls that I owned already when I bought this doll are child-like but no sexdolls, and nobody claims that they make me want real children. But in fact they did so. I could have any kind of intimacy with them except intercourse, but I couldn't make them real. A sexdoll doesn't have to be real to me, for it makes possible what I never would do with a real child. The question is what you actually fear. Now please excuse me if I give priority to the review, for that's what this article has to be. The factory pictures don't lie; the doll is beautiful. Dollomi sent me pictures of the finished doll that I ordered just before shipping and those pictures made me worry. But they were made just to check, were taken in bad lighting and didn't take profit of the poseable skeleton. I didn't have to worry. Now I mentioned the skeleton: I expected the joints to be more loose, but I don't mind that they are stiff. Sex is possible yet, and unexpected movements when I carry the doll will not happen. The skeleton is good anyway, with a hinged neck and even a hinge between hips and back. I deliberately choose non-standing feet, but I think that the skeleton parts in the feet yet allow standing for a short time. The skeleton has wires in the fingers and biggest toes. It makes a natural look of the hands possible, but I know that wires can poke out. And the nails are glued on. I had to warn myself repeatedly when I dressed the doll, and think of inventing something to protect the fingers and nails. The doll was powdered before shipping and felt nice and smooth when I unboxed it, but the skin feels tacky on any place that I wash one time. So I expect myself to apply powder frequently (dry corn starch for the surfaces and talcum powder for the cavities). Well, it will be a joy to me to caress the doll. I can't judge the chemical quality of the TPE, but it is remarkably soft. Belly, arms, thighs, behind, they all have the feeling of a real girl. Together with the beauty it makes a doll to love. I deliberately choose the removable vagina for two reasons: 1) the possibility of trying different inserts, 2) hygiene, specially getting it dry after washing since a wet cavity in TPE attracts mold. The advantages were more important to me than a realistic look. If I mind realism yet, I can put the insert as far as possible into the cavity, so that the pubic lips close themselves again. But then the opening of the insert moves away and I don't understand why. The position of the vagina isn't anatomically correct; it is moved somewhat to the fore. This makes missionary sex easy and the anus can be used by those who want to do doggy style. I understand, but I don't agree. Having such a slender doll, it isn't necessary to have the vagina moved to the fore and I didn't order a removable vagina to use the anus instead. It is what it is and I love this doll yet. One remark still: the colouring of the pubic lips was worn off the first time that the insert was placed and removed. So far the review. Now I've told this, what do you actually fear? My feelings for children? Well, they didn't bring me in jail, but yet they bothered me, so I consulted a psychiatrist who wasn't paid by an institute but by me. It was worth the money. The first thing that I had to realise was that I didn't wish to control my sexual feelings. I wanted to get rid of them. I could have known better and the analysis made me know better. So why did I want to eliminate those feelings? The way we found the answer together would be worth a novel, but this article isn't a novel, so I give the summary. Children are clumsy, unpredictable and unaccountable, but man doesn't survive if the children don't, so they must have a certain attractiveness to adults. Enough adults, not only the parents since it's impossible to keep children with their parents all the years of their youth. A certain attractiveness? Not intellectual, for sure. And not sexual, or not meant to be sexual if nature has a meaning. It seems that nature hasn't, since attraction in general can turn sexual. We made a mess of eroticism; the concept was meant to be attractiveness in general, but we can't keep it apart from sexuality. The taboo on body smells is a great help in making that mess, for it has the specific sexual attraction of feromones overruled by the general attraction of perfumes. Attraction between persons of the same sex wouldn't have to lead to sexual acts for the sake of procreation, it's no use, but yet becomes homosexuality. If we can't deny that children are attractive, why wouldn't the same happen with their attractiveness? Because we don't want it to happen. Adults who prefer adult sex partners don't want to be remembered of the sexual attractiveness of children and don't discuss it or anything related. The subject is taboo and this keeps them from thinking of sex if it concerns children. That it is taboo, is illustrated by the people who cross the treshold of it: they are treated like murderers or worse. If they aren't priests. Does it work? What I've learned is: you can't control what you suppress. The taboo helps the adult who considers himself normal in public life, but it doesn't help when he's alone and meets child porn that's presented in a sneaky way. Sexual feelings for children weren't taboo if they didn't exist at all, and few things are more tempting than the taboo when you're alone. That's why child porn is spreaded as wide as the vice squad knows, which is wider than society is willing to know. Speaking on my own behalf: I know the danger of child porn, and my dolls support me in staying away. My concern is the Don Quixote syndrome. When Don Quixote went far enough fooling himself, he could mistake windmills for giants he had to fight against. If you fear your own sexual feelings for children, you can mistake child-like sexdolls for the child abuse you have to fight against. With worse results of the fight than Don Quixote achieved, since he achieved nothing. Certain countries fight against child-like sexdolls by making them as illegal as child porn. If the illegal way is the only way, child porn is found and stored much easier than a life-size doll, so banning these dolls makes the problem of child abuse worse instead of solving it.