With or without the ” Standing Foot” option?

With or without the ” Standing Foot” option?

Posted by Dollomi on 16th May 2018

This article precisely proposes to explain the meaning of the “standing or normal foot” option

The Sex Dolls available on our website are largely customizable. It is possible to choose the wig, skin colour, the presence of pubic hair as well as the “standing or normal foot” option, etc. This article precisely proposes to explain the meaning of the “standing or normal foot” option. It just refers to a structural change concerning the feet area. In short, it consists of a special support applied to the feet which allows the doll to autonomously stand. Moreover, three pins are inserted to provide further support. This small change makes the Sex Doll even more realistic. The doll can even wear flat shoes, however we strongly advise against the use of high-heeled shoes if you want the doll to stand. Dollomi.com allows its customers to customize their dolls without any change in the price reported on the product page.

What is the best option?

To answer this question, you must consider all the pros and cons.
First of all, it is worth stressing that the feet are the same in both the versions.
This means that the feet in the “standing foot” option are identical to the ones in the “normal foot” version, albeit redesigned and reinforced.

– More realistic standing position
– Easier to be dressed
– Suitable for photo shoots thanks to its ability to stand without any external support.

– The pins are visible and may bother the user
– The foot mobility is limited. It can be rotated downwards by 150°, but not upwards.
– It is hard to make the doll stand. This operation may take some time and it is necessary to find the perfect balance.
– This may sound strange, but even Sex Dolls “grow older.” Over time, the joints of the internal structure may loosen, therefore it will take more time to make it stand.

We hope that we have provided you with an accurate and comprehensive overview of these products.

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