The ultimate guide for Sex Doll Maintenance

The ultimate guide for Sex Doll Maintenance

Dollomi on 16th May 2018

Learn everything about the maintenance of your sex doll

Dolls are expensive and delicate products that need special care in order to keep their value. Dolls need cleaning like a real woman. It’s necessary to clean your doll in order to prevent bacteria formation. Bacteria is dangerous for the doll itself and, above all, for the user.

First thing to do, before all, is to prepare your doll undressing her. Try to understand if your doll has some removable parts, you have got to separate them from the main body. This is for a better cleaning and because in many cases your doll can have some electronic device embedded (like a speaker to moan or a device for the skin to get warm). If yours is a doll with a removable wig or other pieces, remove them first and clean them separately.

I Precautions

Usually the dolls have a metal skeleton inside, and for this reason you must not plunge them in water (like your bathtub) because water might get trapped inside and create some rust or mould. Make sure not to apply too much force when cleaning the doll because it’s very delicate and could get deformed. Make sure not to use strong detergents, because the doll skin is composed by TPE Silicone. Usually warm water would be the best choice, but neutral soaps can be used without any problem if your doll is particularly dirty, maybe in the “3 sexual holes”. The cleaning procedure is simple: you must use a soft smooth cloth with warm soapy water.

Gently clean the surface of your doll skin. Particular attention must be taken for the “3 sexual holes”, because bacteria are more likely to grow in these areas. Therefore you can use a delicate special anti-bacterial soap making sure that it doesn’t contain products that can ruin the doll skin. Just clean it through properly and diligently. If bacteria grows inside the holes you can get infected using the doll, so pay attention.

Finally rinse the doll with some warm water and dry it. Don’t dry your doll under the sun because the skin can be damaged. Just dry it with a soft towel. Make sure the doll is dry, otherwise some mould might start to grow on the doll skin.

II Where to keep your doll safe

Another thing to consider is the position in which you store your doll. It is best to store it laying down, with all limbs in an upright position. Avoid keeping any limb in a bent position, as this may damage the skeleton inside (unless it is an inflatable love doll, in which case this recommendation is not applicable). If yours is an inflatable doll, remove the air inside. Keeping some air inside for a long time will inflict unnecessary strain on the doll structure.

The location where you store your love dolls is also important. It is better if it is inside a cupboard, shielded from sunlight. Last thing to consider is if other people live with you. If you have a wife, roommates, kids or other people living with you, you might want to make sure you store your doll in a place where they are not likely to find it, to avoid any embarrassment.

III How to keep your doll safe

Don’t share it with other people. This is very important to avoid spreading diseases or to get infected ( you can’t know for sure if other people are clean). If a friend asks you to try your doll, simply advise him to buy an inflatable doll instead.

Keep the doll undressed. If you don’t undress it, the colour of the clothes can get absorbed by the doll skin. Also when storing it remove the wig and pubic hair.